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My final Teeing It Up on WQAQ is tonight! The show will include:

This is it. My final radio show on WQAQ. The show will include:

–Former CBS Sports Announcer Bill Schweizer and Bill Mecca (the basketball broadcast booth) to open
–Rich Hanley
–A partial re-airing of the first ever episode
–The Comedy Roast-Toast during the 8pm hour
–The Longest Thank You List in the History of Radio
–An Ending Which You’ll Have to Hear to Believe
–Your 3 hints to that ending:
1) “Grab Your Ticket and Your Suitcase”
2) “Big wheels roll through fields Where sunlight streams”.
3) “This Train.”
All are from “Land of Hope and Dreams”…which has absolutely nothing to do with the ending.

Call: (203) 582-5555, IM me, let’s have a ball for one final time.

http://www.wqaq.com to listen, 7pm ET/4pm PT Monday May 3.



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Here are 2 more blogs to take a peek at:

1) We have “It Doesn’t Matter What Your Name Is” by my good friend Adam Helfgott, co-host of “The Scarlet Pulse” and game broadcaster on WRSU at Rutgers.

2) And from another one of the host of WQAQ’s “Three’s a Crowd” we have Aaron Tanguay’s blog.

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Teeing It Up starts its final season on WQAQ.com in 3 minutes at the top of the hour from 2-4pm ET/11am-1pm PT.


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I love promoting new blogs so we have this new blog, Boston Rejuvenated, from one of the hosts of Three’s a Crowd on WQAQ.

We also have this blog from Tom Butto, host of the Award-Winning Bountiful Butto Sports Bonanza on WQAQ.

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it’s WQAQ’er Travis Hughes. The co-host of The Field of Play (and contributor to Teeing It Up) is also one of the premier Philadelphia Flyers bloggers out there. He is extremely lucky in that he is a media member for the Winter Classic, and got to go on the ice yesterday at Fenway Park to test it out and have some fun with it.

You can read all about it here.

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MLB: A New Blog to Read

Some people have a vision for the future. Some people have a vision for the future and get on it as soon as they can.

My friend and WQAQ colleague Matt Stucko did just that. He’s been writing about minor league baseball for probably as long as I knew what baseball was (alright, maybe not that long), and has done a stupendous job in the process. He’s written for MLB.com, Baseball America, Scout.com among 343,042,334 other publications (ok, maybe not that many.)

He now has a blog called “In the Cage,” which I highly recommend. So check that out here. You won’t be dissapointed.

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MLB: Fletch on Michael Kay Show

My friend and WQAQ Sports colleague Andrew Fletcher of Scott Proctors Arm created this thing/post/game called the Michael Kay Drinking Game. Well, Kay himself heard about it, and yesterday Fletcher ended up calling in and getting onto the Michael Kay Show on 1050 ESPN Radio:

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