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“He’s hurt. He’s hurt.”

Those are the words I uttered while watching Tiger Woods on the 72nd hole of the 2011 Masters after hitting his second shot to the final hole in pain. I knew he was hurt. And now the knee and Achilles injuries suffered on Masters Saturday are going to keep him out of a major.

There’s two ways of looking at this. The first is that Tiger is learning the lessons of 2008, and that to take care of himself and have a long career he needs to actually listen to his doctors, and not put himself through hell — like he did when he won the 2008 US Open on one leg. And that he’s not more hurt than he’s letting on — he’s just resting.

The other is that something is very wrong, and we’re on a path to complete knee reconstruction. That would devastating for Tiger, and for golf, and would almost certainly end his quest to break Jack Nicklaus’ record of 19 majors.

Is sitting out the 2011 US Open the right move? Probably is. But now the question turns to the AT&T National July 4th weekend, and beyond.

Golf Channel’s Tim Rosaforte hinted tonight that this hiatus may last through the British.

My message to Tiger would be don’t come back to soon, but without knowledge of the severity of the injuries, does anyone know what too soon is anymore?


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Some are not going to like what I’m about to say but here we go. First, this blog post from Golfchannel.com’s Randell Mell:

Some excerpts from media reactions to Tiger Woods’ letting loose profanity after bad shots Saturday at the Masters:

Bill Plaschke, Los Angeles Times: “(Phil Mickelson) was not only taking this tournament for himself, but he was taking it from Woods, who reverted to his old entitled ways . . . This is the same Woods who promised to show a newfound respect for the game. This is, of course, also the same Woods who this week mindlessly compared his sex scandal comeback to the comeback of Ben Hogan, even though Hogan was injured heroically in 1949 while throwing himself in front of his wife when their car collided with a bus. As the blogs so brilliantly reminded us, Woods threw his wife under a bus.”


Mike Freeman, CBS Sportsline: “Tiger Woods’ foul mouth is officially back. The arrogant, mouth-meet-bar-of-soap Woods has made its roaring return. Congratu — $@&! — lations, Tiger.”

My response is the following: I’ve played golf now for 12 1/2 years played 510 rounds. I can tell you from personal experience how hard it can be to mask your frustrations. I’ve tried myself to reign myself in — the last thing you want to do is air your frustrations in front of your family — and it’s a very hard task. And in the time that Tiger’s tried to do it, basically 10 weeks, is insane.

This is a process that will take time, and expecting Tiger’s behavior on the golf course to be more perfect coming out of the gate is very unreasonable. If Tiger still has this problem down the line, then it’s worth bringing up. But for now, it shouldn’t even be a talking point. I will also air this other part of that post as an addendum to what I said.

Greg Stoda, Palm Beach Post: “Here’s a question: Is failure of this kind allowed Woods anymore? If anyone else in the field had said what Woods said, it’s likely nothing would have been made of it . . . The criticisms of that aspect of Woods’ personality — even before the sordid revelations of recent months — always seemed overblown to me. It’s a gentleman’s sport, to be sure, but expressions of disgust such as the ones Woods frequently utters don’t constitute a mockery of the game.Is there any room for the opinion that Woods is as good as he is, in part, because he’s so hard on himself? It’s who he is, and Woods would be better off just saying so.

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With Bill Schweizer and Bill Mecca appearing on Teeing It Up this week we had 0 time for Luke Mauro’s weekly segment on the air. Here it is:

My fluke this week comes out of college basketball and the Missouri Conference Valley. That’s right, the MVC and their first place team, Northern Iowa. The Panthers are, some how, ranked 22nd in the country, but will most likely drop out of next week’s rankings. Granted, NIU is 24-4 on the year, and 14-3 in the MVC, but it’s a wonder how they cracked the top 25 when their biggest win was at home against (13-13) Boston College. Meanwhile, they lost at home to (8-18) Depaul, the last place team of the Big East, a conference that has many bubble teams and a few that deserve the ranking more than NIU. The Panthers just suffered a lost at the hands of (8-20) Evansville, who is in last place in a weak MVC conference with a 2-15 conference record. This lost, as well as others to Wichita State and Bradley, will most likely knock them out of the rankings. However, it’s a fluke that they’ve even been ranked for this long. Imagine Northern Iowa being a five or six seed in the tournament while other teams, like UConn and Louisville, may have to settle for the NIT. I’m all for small conferences being represented and getting a fair shot, but it’s odd to see NIU at number 22 while Virginia Tech (21-5), 8-4 in a good ACC conference, is on the outside looking in like many other talented teams. In my mind, NIU being ranked as high as 22 is a real fluke and they should consider themselves lucky.

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Here are 2 more blogs to take a peek at:

1) We have “It Doesn’t Matter What Your Name Is” by my good friend Adam Helfgott, co-host of “The Scarlet Pulse” and game broadcaster on WRSU at Rutgers.

2) And from another one of the host of WQAQ’s “Three’s a Crowd” we have Aaron Tanguay’s blog.

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I meant to say this on the season premiere but never got it. From my dad:

Indy had on paper the easiest route to the super bowl ever

9-7 team at home
9-7 team at home

Something to chew on as we head towards Sunday. My prediction is most likely coming Saturday.

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I love promoting new blogs so we have this new blog, Boston Rejuvenated, from one of the hosts of Three’s a Crowd on WQAQ.

We also have this blog from Tom Butto, host of the Award-Winning Bountiful Butto Sports Bonanza on WQAQ.

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Following up on points made in this post:

1) According to Golf Channel’s Rex Hoggard, Tiger was tested in 2009 and didn’t fail a performance-enhancing drug test, and he obviously didn’t fail one in 2008 either.

2) Yes, you cannot currently test for human growth hormone (HGH), and that’s what this guy was arrested for. I’ll gladly admit that.

3) I firmly believe this is two different stories here, with names (Tiger, Dara Torres) being the linking factor. Tiger needed him for this specific therapy meant to speed his recovery (which I still don’t get — by all accounts — including Mark Steinberg today — he didn’t need this), which is seemingly completely unrelated to him being arrested for HGH. Now yes, he could have injected him there, but if the recovery was right on target, then there’s no need for HGH.

4) Yes, it is plausible Tiger took HGH. And yes, you can’t test for HGH in golf or any other sport. But I firmly believe Tiger isn’t guilty of anything. I really do. Yet, he did commit adultery, and I’ve been wrong before so…

5) I don’t know Mark Steinberg well at all. Not sure anyone does besides those in the sports business world and the media who talk to him on a regular basis. But his comments today were written in outright anger. And after all that Tiger has been through this is the PERFECT time to admit something if you have something to admit. But I just don’t see that happening — mainly because none of this is true.

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