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Here’s today’s relationship advice, this one about fashion.

It’s no secret that girls are interested in or pay more attention to guys who aren’t dressed like slobs. Every girl is different and attracted to different styles and looks, but a general consensus that dirty ratty clothes, sweatpants and sweatshirts all the time, or just “blah” appearance is not going to get the girl. Not to say that to get a girl you need to dress up every day because it is most important to be yourself to get the girl that will fit you best in the end. Some girls like the punk look, bad guy look, a little scruff of facial hair that shows the guy is laid back and not obsessed with his looks, or some may actually be attracted to the guy who wears the khakis and sweater vests on a daily basis. “Dress to impress” is completely dependent on who your trying to impress, what your looking to accomplish, and how comfortable you are experimenting with different looks. Don’t compromise yourself too much unless your willing to play the role of the appearance you are trying to project. As important as looking good is, that is only half the battle with girls. But, more times than not, it is the first hurdle to jump to get her attention, draw her in, and keep her interested.


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And here is the reprinting of last week’s advice, from the November 16, 2009 show:

Be yourself. The best way in life to find that special person that is perfect for you is to just be yourself. You can pretend to be anyone or anything that you want and if your good at it get someone to fall for you under the pretenses that that’s who you are. But after a while it is going to get harder to put on this front of being someone that you aren’t and you two may realize that you want to be together more than you actually belong together. Sometimes, the “perfect date” for a couple isn’t necessarily an expensive dinner out followed by a movie or something standard. Two people who are right for each other might have the time of their lives spending the day by going for a run, climbing a mountain, and not sitting down for a minute. Others might love watching movies in sweats eating ice cream and doing nothing but relax for an entire day. Finding the right person who genuinely loves doing the same things as you isn’t always easy but when you find them, you know things are right. So again, BE YOURSELF and the right person will come around. Pretending to be someone else or someone you think people want you to be will only cause issues further down the road.

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Happy Thanksgiving. Here’s the Relationship Advice from November 9, 2009:

5 First Date Don’ts

1. Do NOT talk about ex-relatoinships, especially if they were serious and long term
2. Do not go to the movies on a first date. Ignore the “dinner and a movie” first date stigma. You do not get a chance to talk to the person or learn anything about them
3. Refrain from inappropriate jokes or racy topics until you get a good sense of your dates personality
4. As a guy, don’t let the girl pay. no “going dutch”. if she gives you a hard time, make a joke of it and tell her she can throw in tip or buy ice cream later
5. Do NOT text other people during the date, try to not even answer your phone unless you know iits important

5 First Date Do’s
1. Very first words when you see your date: “Wow you look beautiful” or something very similar along those lines. A nice but not overpowering compliment starts her off with a smile on her face.
2. If your picking your date up, clean out your car so her first impression of you isn’t that your are a slob
3. Pick a nice, simple restaurant. No one wants to be worried about the proper fork to use or how to pronounce restaurant items
4. Ask questions and actually listen to her responses, being able to recount something she said later in a conversation shows that your are a good listener and care about what she has to say
5. If you did have a great time, say so. Both men and women are often insecure with dating, and everyone enjoys knowing where they stand.

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Here’s the Relationship Advice segment from the October 26, 2009 edition of Teeing It Up:

Honesty is something that probably every single person claims to have, yet almost nobody fully does. This doesn’t mean that everyone is a full out liar or a cheater, but we all have our own little hidden stories, altered facts we share, or simply NOT sharing small seemingly insignificant details for one reason or another. Let’s face it; this isn’t the end of the world. That is human nature and most of the time these simple little dishonesties, we’ll call them, go unnoticed.
This concept, as simple as it seems, does take on a little different role once it enters a relationship setting. Again this isn’t to say that your partner needs to know EVERY single detail of every moment of your life, but the barrier of forgetting small details and lying to avoid a fight or something becomes much thinner. It’s not worth it to lie about who’s going to be at a party, who you ran into one day, or who your texting on your phone when you can just say what is really going on in your life. If your partner cannot handle it, that’s a whole separate issue in trust that needs to be dealt with. Trust and honesty are so tightly intertwined that you cannot have one without the other. Knowing and trusting that what’s going on when you’re not around is as harmless as if you were there is something that no relationship can survive without. And if something were to happen knowing your bf/gf would be honest enough to tell you and be able to take care of whatever situation in the most appropriate way possible without making you have to worry in the slightest. Nobody wants to be lied to and nobody wants to be kept in the dark. Just be honest with other people and hope the old 3rd grade slogan “treat others the way you would like to be treated” applies even in this day and age.

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Here’s the advice from the October 19, 2009 edition of Teeing It Up:

One of the best ways to get around a girl is to always notice their good points and compliment them for that. Everyone wants to feel important or good in one way or the other. Be careful here and be honest, otherwise she will know you are just faking it to get your way around her. Complimenting a girl on her beauty, character, mood, etc makes her feel good and know that you are a sensitive man who cares. And girls like being noticed and cared for. Something that works wonders is a simple “hey you look really pretty today” or “wow i like your hair like that” then going on about your business not looking for her to make a big stink about how cute you are is something that they will always love. But again, be careful not to push the limits with the compliments to anything inappropriate or excessive/over the top. One or two a conversation should be about all you need to seem nice without giving off the impression of looking for something in return.

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One of the most popular segments in Teeing It Up’s history is coming to this blog. Beginning today and all through the week I will reprint every Award-Winning Relationship Advice segment I’ve ever done. After this week it will be scattered over time — and the new ones will be added at the time, but my goal is to get them all on here.

We will start with this current radio season. Since about mid-season I have kept every single one that the ghost writer has provided me in writing, but the first couple I may not. So until we figure that out, some of these may jump around. And since I really don’t feel like transposing an advice segment from the season premiere right now, we skip to the 2nd episode of the season, the one that never aired, September 28, 2009. Enjoy:

Long distance relationships are never simple. It is not always easy for people to express themselves and their feelings when not together with their partner. They must rely on phone calls, texts, e-mails, facebook and the occasional hope of a visit to keep spirits high and things functioning well. One thing that helps is being able to actually see pictures of the other person. Facebook is a great outlet for that which has definitely helped numerous couples, but something that tends to work better is a personal photo sent from one person to another. Whether it is e-mailed, picture messaged, and for the old fashioned type, mailed along with a letter or something, that photo that you take and send to your partner shows a sign of closeness because that picture is specifically taken and sent for the one reason of pleasing each other. Sometimes it is just a picture of you smiling, and sometimes it’s a little more, depending on the relationship and the mood at the time. Every now and then it can spice up a relationship by temping or leading on your partner with just the right type of picture. Either way, it’s something that will definitely help, but only if it is a mutual sharing back and forth to show an equal effort from both people in the relationship.

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