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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone. I’m about to start the fourth year of this blog (something I can’t believe) and I’m very excited. Jets in the playoffs, PGA Tour season about to begin — good things happening all around.

Now if the Jets defense could only start playing like champs…


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The post-college life is about finding yourself and what you want to do with your future. That’s been my life for the last six months or so. It’s slowly coming together, as one can see from my other blog articles linked onto this site.

But I can assure you all of one thing: this website will continue to have some of the same original content you guys have all come to love, and some new stuff as well.

Thanks for reading, it means a lot, and keep on coming back.


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If you’ve been afraid of commenting or for whatever reason didn’t like using the comments section but have always wanted to get in contact with me, you now have another way of getting in contact with me…email. The address is:

jschilsblog [at] gmail [dot] com.


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I want to thank all of the diehard readers of his blog who, since I first introduced it in the first days of January 2008, have proved to be dedicated readers.

Thank you for reading all 435 posts that occurred in 2008. Thank you for listening to Teeing It Up, listening to WQAQ shows, and listening to the web shows. And I hope I’ve enlightened you with new knowledge from golf to the Jets to Bruce to many other things.

Year 1 was great, let’s hope year 2 is even better. Rock on everybody.

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Never a bad time to remind everyone on some good blogs to check out:

The Daily Nightly (NBC Nightly News’s blog)

Rangerjoe’s Rangers Blog

Jon’s New England Sports Blog

My pal Andy Fletcher’s Yankees Blog

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Welcome Radio listeners! Look around, read the article, click the hyperlinks, and enjoy it all.

Well I hope everyone enjoyed Show #1 for Season #2.

All comments are welcome.

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Guest Bloggers

I’m sure some of you out there, would love to “talkback” or even guest blog about the events and topics that I will be blogging about on this site. And I stress, this won’t be all golf, and won’t be all sports. Wait ’til I have time to talk about the whereabouts of the “Girls In Their Summer Clothes” video/live audio/remix, or the 2008 Presidential Election that seems to take more twist and turns than a Nascar road course.

Anyway my message is this: ARE THERE ANY GUEST BLOGGERS ALIVE OUT THERE? (ok, sorry, Springsteen snuck in there again) If you would like to guest blog, contact me, and I will surely let you do it.

And while I’m at it…keep the comments clean, if not, they’ll just be deleted.

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