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Ahh yes, it’s back. More talk about “The Big Miss,” the upcoming Hank Haney book about his time teaching Tiger Woods.

Tiger’s not happy that it’s written, and now he’s not happy about the excerpts that were released yesterday.

The one that appears to really have ticked off Team Tiger is the one where Hank talks about how he became obsessed with the NAVY SEALS and that he considered joining them. Tiger’s agent, Mark Steinberg, fired back last night, according to GolfChannel.com’s Ryan Ballengee:

“Based on the excerpts published today, Hank Haney’s claim that his book is about golf is clearly false. His armchair psychology about Tiger, on matters he admits they didn’t even discuss, is ridiculous,” Steinberg said in an email. “Because of his father, it’s no secret that Tiger has always had high respect for the military, so for Haney to twist that admiration into something negative is disrespectful.”

“The disruptive timing of this book shows that Haney’s self-promotion is more important to him than any other person or tournament,” Steinberg said. “What’s been written violates the trust between a coach and player and someone also once considered a friend.”

Damn. Someone is not happy. Look, I like Hank and really enjoy watching his TV show, but I’m not sure the book was the best idea. If it comes off as a tell-all, or peering into stuff it shouldn’t have, it will make Tiger look bad.

Now on the other hand if these are just a couple random things and the rest of the book is about golf, then I’ll admit I’m wrong and say that Tiger is wrong for overreacting. We’ll see what the truth is the last week of March.

So then today, Golfweek’s Alex Miceli attempted to find out if this claim made in the book was true, and he hit a little roadblock at Tiger’s Honda Classic press conference:

Q. I’m sorry, the book thing is out there and you guys have commented about it; specifically in regards to being a Navy SEAL and considering being a Navy SEAL during the height of your career, was that something you were considering?
TIGER WOODS: I’ve already talked about everything‑‑ in the book, yes, I’ve already commented on everything, Alex.

Q. Then I must have missed you answering that question.
TIGER WOODS: Well, I’ve already commented on the book. Is that in the book? Is it in the book?

Q. I don’t know; I haven’t seen the book.
TIGER WOODS: You’re a beauty, you know that. (Smiling).

Q. That’s a fair question, right, you guys are suggesting that there’s something wrong with the excerpts in the book, I’m just trying to find out if that’s true or not.
TIGER WOODS: I don’t know. Have a good day.

Here’s the video, courtesy of The Big Lead. Needless to say, Tiger doesn’t want to talk about this book anymore:


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Here are my picks for this week:

A: Kyle Stanley (Backup: Keegan Bradley)
B: Tiger Woods (Backup: Michael Thompson)
B: Jason Kokrak (Backup: Kevin Chappell)
C: John Huh (Backup: Johnson Wagner)

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The Southern Swing and the lead-up to The Masters begins this week on the PGA Tour with The Honda Classic from PGA National in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The “Bear Trap”, holes 15-17, are the signature stretch of this whole. Tiger Woods is playing this event for the first time as a professional. Rory Sabbatini is the defending champion.

TV Coverage is Thursday-Friday, Golf Channel, 3-6pm ET, Saturday-Sunday, Golf Channel, 1-3pm ET and NBC 3-6pm ET.

This week is also a test-drive for the new Golf Channel/NBC simulcasting that will appear much more next year under the new television contract. From 3-6pm ET on Saturday and Sunday, while the whole tournament is on NBC, Golf Channel will focus just on the bear trap.

Along with the NBC guys, Rich Lerner, Frank Nobilo and Todd Lewis are your Golf Channel announcers for this week.

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(This post originally appeared on Prosportsblogging.com)

Here’s this week’s What It Means:

1) Congrats to Hunter Mahan on winning the Accenture Match Play Championship over Rory McIlroy today. He’s going to contend in multiple majors, I really believe it. He’s got the game and the mental tenacity for it. It’ll just be his ability to close in a big spot which will determine if he’s successful or not.

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Golf Channel on NBC begins their 2012 coverage of the PGA Tour this weekend with the same announce crew as last year:

Dan Hicks
Johnny Miller
Gary Koch
Peter Jacobsen
Roger Maltbie
Mark Rolfing
Dottie Pepper
Jimmy Roberts

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Doug Ferguson of the AP weighs in with another update of the Q-School/Nationwide Tour Revamp that has been the talk of the PGA Tour for months.

I highly recommend the article, as he exposes the continuing problems with how to seed the Nationwide guys versus the PGA Tour.

Two headlines: it goes to the PGA Tour Policy Board for approval on March 27, and this week’s Match Play event might be moved to October to help anchor the fall, which would start a new PGA Tour season.

That final fact is something I am vehemently against. We’ll see what happens.

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(This post originally appeared on NewJerseyNewsroom.com)

(I think it’s fair to say most sports fans have either done this or seen it done on TV multiple times. So think about your own personal experience as you read through this column.)

You’ve just arrived at a ballgame, either after taking a long train ride or driving a long distance and waiting for what seemed like an eternity to park. Paid a lot for that parking spot. Bought food and drink for more than it costs to get an oil change. You sit down in uncomfortable seats without back support. Yet through it all, you’re ready, pumped to see your team play.

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