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(This article originally appeared on NewJerseyNewsroom.com)

48 hours before announcing who their star recruits for the 2012 season will be, Monmouth University Football announced the star dates on their 2012 schedule.

The Hawks 2012 quest for the Northeast Conference’s berth for the Football Conference Subdivision’s playoffs will begin on September 1st on the road against Lehigh, who made it to the quarterfinals this year.

Highlights also include the University of Rhode Island coming to West Long Branch, New Jersey for the first time on September 8th and a trip up Ithaca, New York to face Cornell for the first time on Oct. 13.

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Well, well, well. That’s what starts this week’s What It Means:

PGA Tour

1) You gotta feel awful for Kyle Stanley. Seven shot lead that’s cut to three when he gets to the tee at 18, lays up when maybe he should go for it on the par-5, hits his layup shot in the water, hits his fifth shot to the back of the green, three putts, goes in a playoff, and eventually loses on the second playoff hole after having too quick of a routine and sending his par putt on the par-3 16th way by.

Look, Stanley has a load of power and will win, but this will be a hard one to get over. He needs to slow down his routine in crunch time — it’s too fast (I know, a player who is too fast, there’s a change) and it’s hurting him. But he has too much talent not to win.

2) Kudos to Brandt Snedeker for hanging in there, posting -16, then being able to get his game face back on to ultimately win the playoff and the Farmers Insurance Open. Did he get a huge break from his tee shot on the second playoff hole hitting the TV tower? Yes. But breaks are needed to win PGA Tour events and that’s exactly what he got to help him to victory.

3) Tiger Woods finished 3rd in Abu Dhabi, failing to beat Robert Rock on Sunday. But that’s not the point. Tiger is on his way back. He got beat today by Rock in tough conditions. It’s not like Tiger shot 78 and gave it away. 70 beat 72 — that’s called good play by Rock in my book.

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(This column originally appeared on NewJerseyNewsroom.com)

If you Google the word “concussion” you get 22.8 million hits.

Watch one video on YouTube of the effect concussions can have on someone’s life and it stops you in your tracks cold.

A random search for videos of the effects of concussions on someone brought me to where an elite high school or college soccer player, named Chelsea, has already had six concussions, most likely related to headers and other contact from game action. As the video shows the effects for her have been long-lasting and wide-ranging, and go from having problems in the classroom to not being able to attend parties due to sensitivity to light and sound.

So you’d think that images of people severely affected by these injuries would change the way those under the brightest lights think about concussions, right?

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(This column first appeared on NewJerseyNewsroom.com)

America is fat. It eats too much, doesn’t exercise enough, spends way too much money on health care because of that and no matter what political affiliation or political beliefs you have, the bottom line is this: America is very unhealthy.

Golf, on the other hand, can be extremely healthy. 18 holes is four-and-a-half to five miles. The leisurely stroll in a park is a great social setting as well, and studies have proven that a good mental state can also help lead to a good physical state.

But golf has a problem. It’s being played way too slowly.

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Here are my picks for this week:

A: Phil Mickelson (Backup: Jhonny Vegas)
B: Rickie Fowler (Backup: Tommy Gainey)
B: J.J. Killeen (Backup: Michael Thompson)
C: Bud Cauley (Backup: Chris DiMarco)

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So while Tiger begins his 2012 in Abu Dhabi and not Torrey Pines as usual, the PGA Tour season rolls right along. This week is in fact The Farmers Insurance Open, played on Torrey Pines North and South Courses. The South is the home course, and the weekend will be played there. Bubba Watson is the defending champion.

TV Coverage: Thursday-Friday, 3-6 pm ET, Live, Golf Channel, Saturday-Sunday, 1-2:30pm ET, Live, Golf Channel, Saturday, 3-6pm ET, Live, CBS, and Sunday, 3-6:30pm ET, Live, CBS.

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Tiger Woods is overseas this week to begin his 2012 at the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship. You’ll be able to see his entire first round, LIVE tonight, at 10:30pm ET on Golf Channel, as they expand their coverage of the event.

Here are the TV Coverage times:

Thursday: (Wednesday night: 10:30pm-3:30am ET, 4-8am ET)

Friday-Sunday: 4-8am ET, Live, Golf Channel

Their announcers, per a press release are:

Steve Burkowski (Studio Host)
Renton Laidlaw (Play-by-Play)
Warren Humphreys (Analyst)
Ken Brown (Tower)
Paul Eales (On Course)
Steve Sands (Interviews)

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