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Last night at an MMA event in Miami Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan gave a cursing signal to Dolphin fans that has appeared all over the web today. Well today, he apologized:

[Rex] Ryan: “It was stupid and inappropriate. I wouldn’t accept that type of behavior from one of the coaches or players and it’s unacceptable from me. I apologize to the Jets organization, the National Football League and NFL fans everywhere.”

[Jets GM Mike] Tannenbaum: “Rex showed extremely poor judgment and his conduct was inappropriate. He knows he was wrong, has apologized and we have accepted his apology. Any other actions regarding this incident will be addressed internally by the organization.”

Rex, I like you, but you can’t do those actions. Period.


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Free Bird with Will Ferrell to end the Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien. A righteous end to a sad conclusion of a show not given enough time to shine.

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Here’s a primer about what has happened in the last 2 days regarding Phil Mickelson and the new iron and wedge groove regulations for 2010:

“It’s cheating, and I’m appalled Phil has put it in play,” Scott McCarron said in Friday’s edition of The San Francisco Chronicle.

Mickelson is among at least four players at Torrey Pines using a Ping-Eye 2 wedge that was made 20 years ago and has square grooves. Such grooves now are banned on the PGA Tour because of a new USGA regulation this year that irons have V-shaped grooves.

The square-groove Ping wedges remain legal, however, because of a lawsuit that Ping filed against the USGA that was settled in 1990. Under the settlement, any Ping-Eye 2 made before April 1, 1990, remains approved because it takes precedence over any rule change.

The PGA Tour released a statement today which reads as follows:

In light of the public comments that have been made regarding the use of pre-1990 Ping Eye 2 irons in competitions sanctioned by the PGA TOUR, it is important for our players, fans and the media to understand the following:

• Under the Rules of Golf and the 2010 Condition of Competition for Groove Specifications promulgated by the USGA, pre-1990 Ping Eye 2 irons are permitted for play and any player who uses them in PGA TOUR sanctioned events taking place in jurisdictions of the USGA is not in violation of the Rules of Golf; and

• Because the use of pre-1990 Ping Eye 2 irons is permitted for play, public comments or criticisms characterizing their use as a violation of the Rules of Golf as promulgated by the USGA are inappropriate at best.

Commissioner Finchem will address this issue in greater detail on Tuesday, Feb. 2 during a regularly scheduled player meeting and with the media during the 2010 Northern Trust Open.

My thoughts on the issue will come in a future post but one thing is clear: this issue is not about to go away.

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Today, President Barack Obama joined the CBS broadcast booth in the 2nd half of the Duke-Georgetown game and did some commentary with Verne Lundquist and Clark Kellogg:

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This post is going to look really familiar to one I did last year, but after today’s news, it will look slightly different:

For most weeks:

18th Tower — Jim Nantz and Nick Faldo
17th Tower — Ian Baker-Finch
16th Tower — Gary McCord
On Course Reporters — David Feherty and Peter Kostis

On some weeks, Bill Macatee will replace Jimmy in the 18th Tower, Bobby Clampett will either be a tower announcer or on course reporter, and Verne Lundquist appears on The Masters and PGA Championship coverage.

Also, this year Peter Oosterhuis’ role will only be reprised on CBS at The Masters and PGA Championship, where I’d assume he’d man the 17th tower.

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When I tuned into 3rd round coverage of the Farmers Insurance Open today on CBS Sports, I expected to see Peter Oosterhuis manning the tower at 17 like he has for almost 20 years. But he wasn’t there. And here’s why:

This week is the first week of network television as CBS is on the case. But what the golf fan doesn’t know yet is that one of there stars, Peter Oosterhuis won’t be a part of most of the CBS telecasts this year. His contract ran out last month and CBS who is looking to save a million dollars this year decided not to renew it. So it means that Oosty, who has manned the tower at 17 for close to 20 years won’t be a part of CBS telecasts. Now the news isn’t completely bad, CBS did sign him up for the Masters and the PGA Championship so he will be a part of those telecasts. While CBS was discarding one of the most popular announcers of all time, Golf Channel saw a golden opportunity and they hired him to do all of the Thursday and Friday telecasts that they do with CBS. So we won’t totally lose Oosterhuis. Sky Sports in England also jumped into action, Oosterhuis has done Sky for years and now he will now be a part of seven of their live PGA Tour coverage, giving folks in England a better understanding of the game. So I guess the good news is that Oosterhuis won’t fall off the face of the golfing world like Steve Melnyk did when ABC showed him the door several years ago.

CBS, I love your golf coverage, but that was a mistake. While he wasn’t my favorite announcer, he did bring a unique flavor to the broadcast that will be missed. At least we’ll still have him at The Masters, The PGA Championship, and on the Golf Channel.

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In an absolutely unbelieveable interview that aired today on Golf Channel, John Daly, winner of the 1991 PGA Championship and 1995 British Open says he is done with professional golf. From the interview:

Q: What’s next?

A: I’m done.

Q:What do you mean you’re done?

A: I’m done.

Q: Done with what?

A: Golf.

Q: You’re not going to tee it up anymore?

A: No.

Q: Why?

A: I can’t compete.

Q: Do you honestly feel that?

A: Yeah.

Daly is a part of a new Golf Channel reality show, “Being John Daly,” which premieres on the channel March 2. The whole Q&A can be found at the above link.

Unbelievable. The guy can draw a crowd but has gone through so many issues — drugs, drinking, desire to even play the sport and give 100% — but after going through weight loss surgery seemed to be on a path to rededicate himself to the sport. But if you believe him, he’s now done.

ESPN.com’s Jason Sobel’s thoughts on the matter are here.

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