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PGA TOUR: Pink Out

Yesterday, everyone at Colonial, from golfers, fans, caddies, tour officials, and even CBS Sports‘ David Feherty participated in a “Pink Out” to help show how much support they have for Amy Mickelson, currently battling breast cancer.

You can read about it here— it was great to see everyone unite and come together — and that article includes a picture of the all-pink Feherty.

Good stuff guys…get well soon Amy.


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Out of the current issue of Golfweek Magazine:

“Armed with a late next-day tee time at the Senior PGA, Mark O’Meara [Tiger’s best friend] decided to head to Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland to support his old hometown Orlando Magic against the Cavs. The Man Out Front was looking over his shoulder when Mo sent a text to buddy Tiger Woods that read, "I'm sitting a foot from LeBron James and he told me you've got to get your act in gear." Woods was quick to respond: "Tell LeBron I got nine MVPs and 14 championships." And then he added, "$$$, and I'm not done.""

NOTE: I am NOT the author of that article...a GolfWeek Magazine writer IS.

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After a 3 week break where I’m sure he cursed, pouted, and then started grinding on the range again, Tiger Woods will return to Jack Nicklaus’ event next week, the Memorial. He won this event from 1999-2001, but hasn’t really contended there since then. But Tiger will be back next week.

Speaking of Tiger, here’s an amazing stat from, CBSSports.com’s Steve Elling: “Remarkably, Woods does not rank among the top 40 on the PGA Tour in driving distance, driving accuracy, greens in regulation or putting average, yet he still stands first in scoring average at 69.13 shots.”

That’s Tiger for ya.

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It’s back…time for my fantasy lineup for Colonial:

A: Brian Davis (Backup: Kenny Perry)
B: Sean O’Hair (Backup: Zach Johnson)
B: Steve Stricker (Backup: David Toms)
C: Scott Verplank (Backup: Ian Poulter)

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This week the PGA Tour finishes the Texas Swing at Hogan’s Alley — the Crowne Plaza Invitational at Colonial. Don’t be surprised if Kenny Perry wins this week — he absolutely loves it there.

TV Coverage is Thursday-Friday from 3-6pm ET on Golf Channel and Saturday-Sunday, early, from 1-2:30pm ET, followed by CBS‘ coverage both days from 3-6pm ET, Live.

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The following is very freaky. I wrote the post you’re about to read 368 days ago, on May 24, 2008. The people in it may have changed, but it’s surely kinda relevant now, isn’t it?

“So the transition has started, the move of Joba Chamberlin from the New York Yankees‘ setup man in the 8th inning to starter in the rotation.

Many, from diehards, ordinary fans, sports talk radio in New York, and just baseball fans from all over are against this decision. And I agree.

The Chamberlin-Mariano Rivera 1-2 combination is (I guess I have to say was, now) the most dominant one in all of baseball. If the Yanks had a lead by the 7th inning, the game was effectively over.

Now this year, that combo has been stronger than ever while the Yankees’ starting rotation has faltered. That, coupled with a sometimes anemic offense, has caused them to fall into last place. However, with Phil Hughes coming back soon, Ian Kennedy looking stronger after a stint in the minors, and Darrell Rasner giving us great help from Triple-A, going 3-0 now while Hughes gets healthy, I thought Joba could stay in the 8th inning role for the rest of the year. But I guess I’m wrong.

I want to stress: I have no problem at all eventually turning Joba into a starter. But I just don’t think, by eliminating one of the strengths of your team and taking a risk into making him a starter mid-season, you are helping the Yankees. Now they must trust Hawkins, Farnsworth, Veras, and whoever else Joe Girardi tries to lump into that bullpen to precede Mariano. It’s just not trustworthy.

We’ll see how it plays out, and I just hope it does play out successfully or else the Yanks may just miss the playoffs.”

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(The following was first posted on the WQAQ Sports Site.)

Under legal pressure, Quinnipiac reinstates volleyball

By Jeremy Schilling

Back on March 4, Quinnipiac University announced that due to the current economic downturn, they would have to cut the men’s golf team, men’s outdoor track, and the women’s volleyball team. As a result, on April 17, the volleyball team sued the school, claiming Title IX.

This was brought up later that month at an interview school President John Lahey had with The Quinnipiac Chronicle. He denied the accusations in the suit, but said he does understand what Title IX says. He went on to say that if the courts did in fact find that Quinnipiac was in violation, they would have to act further and cut more men’s sports.

Well, in a victory for the volleyball team, that is exactly what happened. It was announced today that volleyball is being reinstated, with men’s indoor track now being cut. The following was the news release put out by John Morgan, associate vice president for public relations:

“In light of recent judicial action, Quinnipiac University will eliminate men’s indoor track in addition to the previously announced elimination of men’s golf and men’s outdoor track. The University’s women’s volleyball program will be reinstated.

“The University’s Senior Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs will immediately begin a comprehensive review of Quinnipiac’s offices of athletic compliance and the athletic director and where necessary, will make appropriate changes in the athletics department to ensure that Title IX reported participation numbers for all men’s and women’s athletic teams are accurate and adhered to by all coaches.

“During the 2009-10 year, the University will also be able to determine actual, as opposed to projected, participation numbers for its newly added women’s sport of competitive cheer.”

WQAQ Sports will continue to cover this story as it develops.

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