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This game was horrible and this loss wasn’t pretty at all. However, the eternal optimist in me says that this loss can, and hopefully will be, a good thing for the Jets. The reasons being:

1) This’ll ground us..get us re-focused and help us win our last 4 games.

2) It’ll silence the Super Bowl talk.

3) It’ll knock some sense into us, make us seem vunerable and force us to practice tomorrow.


4) We’ll play hard every single game out.

At least I hope we do.


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And here we are, the 8-3 Jets, leading the AFC East, with a trap game against the Denver Broncos.

Jay Cutler and company have a very potent passing attack that we will need to stop. That responsibility falls onto the secondary, which most would agree is the weakest part of this Jets team right now. They need to step up big while Kris Jenkins needs to continue to clog the hole and stop the run game.

For Brett Favre it’s the same story, pass efficiently and cleanly. And especially in horrible weather conditions, that will be even more important.

Leon needs to have a big game special teams wise to set up field position, and whoever kicks for us, MUST KICK WELL!

My Prediction: 4:15pm ET CBSHD

Denver 20
Jets 30

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I Just Can’t Wait!!!

My musical tastes are various, from Bruce to JT to the Top 40 to the weird and bizarre, like some stuff from “The Lion King.” No, I’m not exactly a Elton John fan, but “Circle of Life” and “I Just Can’t Wait to be King” are two fine pieces of musical art, in my opinion.

However, the “IJCWTBK” (yeah, us Bruce fans like to abbreviate) version that I’m speaking of is not the one directly from the movie. In fact, it’s the alternative, rock version from Elton that I love. Here it is for all to enjoy:

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Happy Thanksgiving!

So I may have taken too many words than anyone even cares about to describe the episode of Teeing It Up I recorded two days ago but I forgot the simplest thing: to wish all my loyal readers a Happy Thanksgiving.

It means a lot to see the hit numbers come in everyday. I hope those that have read my blog so far in the 11 months that I’ve been posting have learned something and been enlightened in some way, shape, form or fashion.

Keep it up! (Oh, and go listen to TIU.)

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This afternoon myself and two of my home buddies recorded this week’s episode of Teeing It Up, which I’ve named the Thanksgiving Special Edition of teeing It Up Exclusively for WQAQ.com. It is a 45 minute show where we had a ton of fun and covered a range of topics.

So if you are missing not hearing me on Thursdays as normal this week or want to check me out for the first time, here’s the link:

1) Check out WQAQ.com (coming very shortly)

But for now go here:

2) Go to my archive of shows and download the specific show (Teeing It Up November 26 web show.WMA) from there. (Note: It’s on page 2 of all the shows.)

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A number of weeks ago (too many, actually), I posted what the rumored changes are to the 2009 FedEx Cup on the PGA Tour. Well, today the PGA Tour officially announced them. And per the PGA Tour website I will go through them and give my thoughts:

1) “The Playoffs Reset will be moved from its current position prior to the beginning of the Playoffs, to occur prior to the beginning of THE TOUR Championship. Therefore, points earned in the Regular Season will carry through the first three Playoff events.”

This is a fantastic move. This ensures that everyone who had a regular season will have a chance in the Tour Championship. This rule can partly be renamed the Padraig Harrington rule, as he won 2 majors in 2008 but still did not make the Tour Championship because he didn’t play well in the playoffs.

2) “All Playoff events will award points equal to five times a Regular Season event.”

Self-explanatory, good move, and goes along with what you’ll read below about the new points system.

3) “The reset prior to THE TOUR Championship will be calibrated so that all 30 seeds will have a mathematical chance to win the FedExCup, with the top half of the field having a good chance. Further, any of the top five seeds would win the FedExCup with a TOUR Championship victory.”

This is the big goal — make the Tour Championship must-see-TV, and they’ve done exactly that.

4) “Points awarded during Regular Season events will be recalibrated so that the winner receives 500 points, rather than 4,500.”

Finally the points will be easier to understand for both the players and the fans, maybe making it easier for all of us to catch onto and get excited about into.

5) “Certain Regular Season events — the Masters, THE PLAYERS Championship, U.S. Open, Open Championship, PGA Championship and World Golf Championships will receive bonus points similar to last year (10 percent for majors and five percent for WGCs), but with a small additional bonus to the winners of those events (an additional 10 percent for majors winners and five percent for WGC winners).”

It makes sense, however I do think the majors are getting too little a jump in points..they are after all…the 4 biggest events all year.

6) “Field sizes in the Playoffs will be 125 at The Barclays, 100 at Deutsche Bank Championship, 70 at the BMW Championship and 30 at THE TOUR Championship.”

FINALLY.125 guys get their tour cards but 144 got to start the playoffs? It made 0 sense whatsoever and finally the PGA Tour got the picture and lowered the field number.

Is this perfect? Nope, but it is SO much better and I really think we are going to have a very exciting PGA Tour season and Playoffs, all leading up to the Tour Championship. This new structure and system puts much emphasis on the regular season (finishing last after making the cut gets you a mere 1 point) and should lead to a wild finish come playoff time.

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PGA Tour Digest Vol. 1 No. 45

We are in the silly season — also known as unofficial events. They’ve been going on for a couple weeks now…some are taped and aired later…while some are aired live.

This weekend qualifies as one of the taped events, as the most popular off-season event, the LG Skins Game ($$ we’re talking about here), convenes once again.

Stephen Ames, Phil Mickelson, KJ Choi and Rocco Mediate will compete for a boatload of cash.

The front 9 will be shown on Saturday at 1pm ET, and the back 9 on Sunday at 3:30pm ET, all on ABC.

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