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Anthony Kim and Camillo Villegas have decided to join the European tour. This is not good. Obviously it is unclear right now how this will affect how many times they’ll play on the PGA Tour, but if it’s any high number of tournaments…it won’t be good. Hopefully they’ll make their 5 events a lot of those in the fall where our season is done and their playing the 2009 season.

We can only hope.

Here’s the article.

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We’re getting to that stage where you’ll be seeing a lot of possible solutions/fixes/additions to the FedEx Cup. I will comment on them in the future, but this article lays out one of them:

“One solution that appears to be getting a lot of attention is not to reset the points until the Tour Championship, which could mean any of the 30 players at East Lake would have a chance to win. Plus, it would be decided over 72 holes and protect the integrity of the competition.”

That should give everyone something to ponder.

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The European Tour‘s 2009 season starts next week (don’t ask, its complicated), and with it comes its response to the FedEx Cup, the Race to Dubai. The season ending Dubai World Championship will have a prize pool of $10 million, far more than any other tournament in the world. And then there’s the season long Race to Dubai competition, where a $10 million bonus pool giving $2 million to the winner is at stake.

It only takes 12 tournaments to “join” the European tour, and with the 4 majors and 3 World Golf Championships counting towards that total, all a player needs to do is add 5 “other” tournaments to their list and they are members.

In this article, Phil Mickelson says that the US Golf industry is “stagnant” and that he is considering joining the European tour. This would be somewhat devastating for the PGA Tour — having your biggest star besides Tiger and the World’s #2 player not playing some of your tournaments and taking the show overseas.

We must stress, Phil hasn’t made a decision yet, and I’m sure Tim Finchem, the PGA Tour commissioner will talk to him about this issue, and maybe sway him another way. Us American golf fans can only hope.

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There are 2 weeks left in official events on the 2008 PGA Tour schedule in this, the Fall Series. This week it is the tournament that’s harder to spell than any others, the Ginn sur Mer Classic. It is held down in Palm Cost, FL. Daniel Chopra won the inaugural edition last year.

TV Coverage is Live on Golf Channel from 1:30-4:30pm ET all 4 days, Thursday-Sunday.

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Uh-oh: November means…

….the NFL Network battle/griping/complaining returns. Those 8 games on Thursday and Saturday nights are about to begin on November 6, with only the home-markets getting these games over-the-air (aka channels 2, 4, 5, 7 etc) if you aren’t one of the 40 million homes that gets the NFL Network.

This has gone back and forth and back and forth. Look, here’s my bottom line: the cable networks are 100% correct in not putting the NFL Network on their basic digital tiers because all they offer people is 8 games. Everything else that fans’ care about is duplicated by another network, mostly ESPN. Either give these games back to CBS and FOX, who the NFL took them from, or give them to another network that everyone gets. But don’t keep hiding them away from the American people.

Then there’s the Comcast battle, which is too complicated to explain so I’ll let this article take care of it.

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Two articles speak to how the New York Jets PSL Auction went over the last couple weeks. The Jets say they grossed $16 million from the auction.

New York Times Article

Newsday Article

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