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Check out the new web page from the sports show of the two directors of the WQAQ Sports Department and the show where I made a guest appearance last year:

The Mike and Mike Sports Show on WQAQ

And check out this page, where a familiar name shows up.


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This week, we roll on with Week 2 of the FedEx Cup Playoffs on the PGA Tour. This weekend we move outside of Boston for the Deutsche Bank Championship, an event that benefits an absent person…the Tiger Woods Foundation. Only the top 120 in the FedEx Cup points are here, and after this week, only the top 70 move on to next week.

Look for Vijay Singh, who has had success at this tournament before, to do very well.

This is a scheduled Monday finish, with a tournament that runs from Friday-Monday. TV Coverage on Friday and Saturday at 3pm ET, Live, on the Golf Channel with Kelly and Nick. NBC takes over Sunday and Monday, with Dan and Johnny…with coverage on Sunday from 3-6pm ET, and Monday from 2-6pm ET.

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Today, the New York Jets announced that the upper level seats in the new Giants Stadium — to be shared with the Giants, will be exempt from Personal Seat Licenses (PSLs).

Much talked about, and much hated, apparently the Jets listened to their fans. In the article written by the New York Times’ Richard Sandomir, “The Jets’ seat licenses will cost $5,000 to $25,000 each on five classes of 7,500 seats, mostly in the mezzanine, and $4,000 to $20,000 on another five classes of 37,500 seats that are largely in the lower bowl.

At a news conference at Giants Stadium, Woody Johnson, the team’s owner, said research conducted by the team found that the Jets could have charged more than $1,000 each in the upper deck. But he said, “We had to have seats that had no P.S.L.’s.””

Good news. Respect your fans, don’t bankrupt them.

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(Editor’s Note: This entry can be found on the WQAQ Sports Site)

Arena Needs Changes

By Jeremy Schilling

(HAMDEN, Conn.)- The TD Banknorth Sports Center is a top notch venue. It is being praised far and wide, even after being open for almost two years, as one of the best college sports complexes in the Northeast. It just has one little problem: the sponsor’s name has changed.

Earlier in 2008 TD Banknorth and Commerce Bank merged, and on July 23rd, the newly formed company announced that their new name will be TD Bank, with the slogan of “America’s Most Convenient Bank.” It was going to be named TD Commerce, but that met a legal challenge, so the newly formed company decided to go a different direction.

According to Quinnipiac Director of Athletic Communications Chuck Menke, “We remain in contact with TD Banknorth as it undergoes this re-branding and operations-combination process with Commerce Bank. At the appropriate time in this process we will make any necessary name changes in conjunction with the new TD Bank. Until then we will continue to identify and operate the facility as the TD Banknorth Sports Center.”

When you look at the Sports Center, it is overwhelming to think of everything a name change would mean. First, there is the big sign on the outside of the arena that would need to be re-done. There are also the logos on the hardwood floor of the basketball court, and logos on the boards of the ice rink. There are all the signs in the arena and around campus. It even goes farther then actual signs do. Every pamphlet, mailing, promotional item, media guide would have to be changed. If Quinnipiac Athletics chooses to make these changes, it will surely take lots of time and effort.

And not that a sports site is in the business of giving financial advice, but if someone is reading this for the first time and would like to know how this affects their financial portfolio – well, as they say, talk to your financial advisor.

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The playoffs are here. The first of the 4 PGA Tour Playoff events, The Barclays, is a 144 player event, when we will chop away 24 names, and everyone else moves onto next week.

It is being held in my home state, at the Ridgewood Country Club in Paramus, NJ. Steve Stricker is the defending champion, and except for Tiger and a couple others, everyone is there, Mickelson included. Should be a fun week.

TV Coverage is tomorrow 2-6pm ET, Live on the Golf Channel, with Saturday coverage on CBS, Live, 3-6pm ET and Sunday, Live, 2-6pm ET with Jimmy and Nick.

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The four tournaments to determine who’ll win the PGA Tour‘s FedEx Cup are finally here. Now whether anyone even cares anymore is another question. Anyways, while you debate that, here’s a website about the 2008 point changes to make the FedEx Cup better:

2008 Changes

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Much has and will be written about Michael Phelps winning a record 8th gold medal. I’ll let others write about that. I’ll give you my angle, as only the host of Teeing It Up can:

Dan Hicks is the luckiest announcer in America. And I will tell you why. The day that Phelps won gold medal #8 was, here in the United States, August 16th. Two months ago to the day was June 16th, the day Tiger beat Rocco to win the US Open in a Monday finish. Dan Hicks was behind the mic for NBC Sports. And that of course, is considered by many, the greatest US Open golf has ever seen.

Fast forward again to tonight, as Phelps won the 8th gold on August 16th here in the States, 2 months to the day later. And who was behind the mic?

Dan Hicks, for NBC Sports.

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