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5pm ET on Friday May 23 came and went, and Tiger Woods decided not to play at the Memorial this week, Jack Nicklaus’s event. It was a smart decision.

At a press event to promote his AT&T National tournament (one of the best events on tour, even after 1 year), Tiger said the following:

“I wasn’t ready. My practice wasn’t I started my practice basically just recently. So going to Memorial that rusty, it wouldn’t have made any sense. I wasn’t sharp enough. I didn’t hit all my shots I needed to hit yet at home and make sure everything is organized. I wasn’t quite ready. So no sense in going there not ready. The whole idea is to be ready for the U.S. Open.”

Tiger went on to stress that what he is feeling is stiffness, not exactly pain, and that he is just slowly and methodically going through the rehab, as the doctors prescribe, that he needs to do to get ready for the Open.

He could have played the Memorial, shot 72-75, missed the cut, and gone home unhappy. But no, because he MUST feel like he can win every time, he’s not playing.

I think if a lot of other players took that approach, you would not see top flight players having a lot of MC’s and other bad finishes coming after injuries. Come back when you can — and feel like you can win.

We’ll see if that mentality works for Tiger in 2 weeks at the Open.


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Apologies for not posting earlier this week — been very busy since home from college.

Everyone but Tiger and Adam Scott it seems is at the Memorial Presented by Morgan Stanley this week on the PGA Tour, Jack’s event. Matthew Goggin, looking for his first PGA Tour win, is in contention along with Kenny Perry and Mike Weir.

Watch bonus coverage early Sunday on Golf Channel at 12pm ET with Kelly and Nick and then at 2:30pm ET, Live, on CBS Sports with Jimmy and Nick.

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As some of you now I’m a big American Idol fan, so the David vs. David battle at the finale was great and sensational to watch. In the end, by 12 million votes and a 56%-44% margin, David Cook beat David Archuleta to win Season 7 of American Idol.

Cook was the rocker, bucked all trends, and eventually overshadowed the tween-teen vote and won Idol. Archuleta, only 17, has a great musical future ahead of him but Cook is the better NOW talent. I’m sure he’ll be potent once his record comes out in the coming months.

The Winning Moment

Singing “Dream Big”

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So Long to Annika

Annika Sorenstam announced earlier this month that she is stepping aside and retiring from women’s golf at the end of this year. She will be missed.

Annika is probably, by most accounts the greatest women’s golfer in history. Currently she is toe-toe for #1 ranked player in the world with Lorena Ochoa, who after her career is over may just supplant Annika for that title.

Annika, however, has done amazing things and been a great role model for young girls. She drives the ball so straight with such a consistent swing — and hits it a long ways on top of that — and is something that anyone who wants a consistent golf swing should try to follow. And then, to top it all off, her short game is pretty darn good as well.

She took risks, playing in the 2003 Colonial on the PGA Tour, against the men, and handled all the attention with grace and humbleness. She has also won 10 major championships — a number any golfer would take in a heartbeat.

Now she’ll go on to work with her academy, foundation, and all her other adventures. And she’ll have more time to chill with Tiger. That friendship goes beyond golf, and epitomizes what Annika hopes to do in the coming years: help everyone, beyond golf.

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Joba What?

So the transition has started, the move of Joba Chamberlin from the New York Yankees‘ setup man in the 8th inning to starter in the rotation.

Many, from diehards, ordinary fans, sports talk radio in New York, and just baseball fans from all over are against this decision. And I agree.

The Chamberlin-Mariano Rivera 1-2 combination is (I guess I have to say was, now) the most dominant one in all of baseball. If the Yanks had a lead by the 7th inning, the game was effectively over.

Now this year, that combo has been stronger than ever while the Yankees’ starting rotation has faltered. That, coupled with a sometimes anemic offense, has caused them to fall into last place. However, with Phil Hughes coming back soon, Ian Kennedy looking stronger after a stint in the minors, and Darrell Rasner giving us great help from Triple-A, going 3-0 now while Hughes gets healthy, I thought Joba could stay in the 8th inning role for the rest of the year. But I guess I’m wrong.

I want to stress: I have no problem at all eventually turning Joba into a starter. But I just don’t think, by eliminating one of the strengths of your team and taking a risk into making him a starter mid-season, you are helping the Yankees. Now they must trust Hawkins, Farnsworth, Veras, and whoever else Joe Girardi tries to lump into that bullpen to precede Mariano. It’s just not trustworthy.

We’ll see how it plays out, and I just hope it does play out successfully or else the Yanks may just miss the playoffs.

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This week we go to Hogan’s Alley and the Crown Plaza Invitational at Colonial. Now this field isn’t as strong as it has been in the past, unfortunately, this week with the European Tour’s star event, the BMW PGA Championship also going on this week.

But the Colonial field, at one of the PGA Tour‘s most historic events does include #2 Phil Mickelson, who was in 2nd after yesterday’s 1st round.

Coverage is today at 3pm ET on the Golf Channel, Live, and continues over the weekend Live at 3-6pm ET on CBS.

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Ryuji Imada was the 6th first time winner on the PGA Tour this year.

The PGA Tour has staged 22 events so far this year, and there have been 20 winners of those 22 events. Only that guy by the name of Tiger Woods has multiple wins, and he’s won the other 2 for a total of 3.

As I stated last week the under-30 crowd has won I believe 8 times and is making a major push. Matt Kuchar said it basically takes 10 years when you first crack the pro ranks to know what your doing. It’s been now a decade since Tiger got on tour, and some of the guys that have grown up and become big during that era are now becoming mature and winning, ala Anthony Kim.

This is a great time to be a fan of the PGA Tour. You have awesome playoffs like there were yesterday and dominating performances by guys like Tiger and Phil. I can’t tell you what is gonna happen this summer on tour except that it’s going to be exciting and we should ALL keep watching.

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