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This was mentioned briefly last week, and it’s been on my blog for the last week but now is the time:

A lot of east coast people like yours truly have been having some trouble staying up for these west coast shows, and some just get tired of the setlist thread and want something else to do to pass the time, so I thought I would create: the Teeing It Up w/Jeremy Schilling Backstreets Setlist Thread Special.

Teeing It Up is my college radio show that airs LIVE Monday Nights (or the first ticks of a Tuesday — however you want to think of it) at Midnight ET/9pm PT. It is not a Bruce show — it’s actually a sports show — but we play music during breaks to give ourselves a break between topics. I’ve played some Bruce — and who knows, maybe I’ll play some tonight.

So I’ll be logged into the setlist thread and as my hour-long show goes on I’ll be calling out the songs as Bruce plays them in Vancouver.

You can call in at a # that I’ll give on the show and IM me during the show at WQAQDJ. Should be fun times — you’re all invited.

To listen (in internet explorer):

1) Go to www.wqaq.com
2) Click on “Listen Live.”
3) Click on the yellow speaker icon above the word “Play.”


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As anyone who has watched, been around, or is connected to the PGA Tour will tell you, rain causes many issues. And when it causes the issue like it did this week at the Zurich Classic, it creates unique scenarios. This week, because of the way the rains came yesterday, causing the leaders to have over 9 holes left in their 3rd rounds that they needed to complete this morning, they chose not to repair.

As a result, when Andres Romero shot 68 and finished his final round nearly 3 hours before the last group finished up, he had a lot of time to kill. Now most golfers would spend some time in the clubhouse, and then go out and start warming up at the range.

Now maybe it’s because he’s 26, but he spent almost all the time — up until Peter Lonard being on the 17th hole — inside the clubhouse, face turned away from the TV, having a good time. Down the stretch he even had a laptop in front of him — checking and altering his iTunes.

Eventually Lonard failed to make birdie, the warmup shots he hit were for naught, and Romero got his first PGA Tour win. But maybe we should all learn something from how relaxed he was chilling in the locker room seeing if his big moment would finally happen.

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The internationally known Ohio State Buckeyes faced the rising Quinnipiac Bobcats in a Men’s Lacrosse game, and won 18-7. That’s not what I want to speak of.

We here at Quinnipiac don’t get to see the big name teams a lot. So when they come to town, it’s a big deal. While at the game, all of us students saw this first hand. Many rampant OSU fans, some intoxicated, would not shutup for the duration of the game. They also would not stop chanting that OH-IO chant that seemingly becomes Biblical for those students and alumni.

Are they all drunk and obnoxious? No, not at all. The opposite side of the field, in the bleachers were ordinary, passionate fans. And that’s my point of this: Ohio State fans are passionate, nationwide, for any sport. They don’t have to be drunk, nor am I condoning that behavior. But I did stress that to prove how noisy they indeed were, how interesting it made our broadcast, and quite possibly the ultimate effect it had on the game.

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Yesterday, the Zurich Classic of New Orleans began making a cameo appearance before the Masters on the PGA Tour schedule this year. We are two weeks away from the first major of the year, and with only 17% of the field already in the Masters, that leaves 83% clamoring to get a golden ticket to Magnolia lane in Augusta, GA. While there are few of the big big names in this tournament, Jim Fuyrk is here, along with Davis Love III, hoping to continue his consecutive Masters streak.

The first round leader is Dean Wilson, known more for playing alongside Annika Sorenstam in 2003 at Colonial than for his golf game. Who will win this week? Who knows.

TV Coverage is today, Live, 3-6pm ET on the Golf Channel with Kelly and Nick, and Saturday and Sunday, Live, 3-6pm ET on NBC.

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The New York Jets and Lavernues Coles compromised today on their ongoing contract dispute that could have resulted in a trade of one of the Jets most respected players.

According to ESPN.com, “The New York Jets have guaranteed the $11 million remaining on the final two years of receiver Laveranues Coles‘ contract, a league source said Friday.

Coles had been seeking a contract extension, but guaranteeing the remaining two years is an apparent compromise between the team and the receiver. Coles had been critical of the Jets earlier in the offseason for spending money on players from outside and not taking care of players already on the team.”

As a Jets fan this is very good news. It shows a continued positive motion in our off season, and now we can add another big play threat at Wide Receiver to complement Coles and Jerricho Cottchery. Next up: make TE Chris Baker happy with a new contract and/or extension.

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This article, posted today on ESPN.com, talks about how the San Francisco Giants have removed most of the reminders that Barry Bonds played with the Giants from AT&T Park. Peter Magowan, the Giants President, told ESPN that it is, in his mind, time to move on.

“‘No, not this team,’ he said, standing along the first-base line of a ballpark where images of Bonds have been removed. ‘We’re going in a new direction; that would not be going in a new direction. The time has come to turn the page.’

“‘We’re very respectful, at least I am, appreciative of all the contributions he made to the Giants over all that long period of time, but the time came when we needed to go in a new direction.'”

Bonds says he’s in game shape, but no one wants him. Most presume his career is over — which begs the question, is he the best ever? His career stat line looks like this: .298 lifetime batting average, 762 home runs (most in history, of course), 1,996 RBIs, 2,935 hits, 514 stolen bases, .600 slugging percentage. Sure fire Hall of Famer, right?

Of course, this is where the debate starts. The steroids, the allegations, we all know it, we all don’t want to hear about it, we’re all sick and tired of it. It surely tarnishes, at least in some respect, the record of a player that not only hit so well, but played the field so well, too. And now that hes been indicted, and some think he may go to jail before Hall of Fame voters even see a ballot, a fact that that might eliminate any chance, in some minds, of Bonds ending up in Cooperstown.

My opinion is this: I don’t believe in comparing generations, in any sport. In 1998, the Sporting News ranked their 100 Greatest Players in Baseball History. At the time Barry Bonds was #34. That is not my point, however. Their top 5 is: Hank Aaron, Walter Johnson, Ty Cobb, Willie Mays, and Babe Ruth. That’s one distinguished class. So can Bonds, or any of the great players of the modern era — Alex Rodriguez, Derek Jeter, David Wright, Ichiro, Johan Santana, Mariano Rivera, David Ortiz — the list goes on and on — be compared to the likes of Ruth, Mays and Aaron?

I believe no. Bonds, steroids or not, is one of if not the best players in the modern era, along with those great players I mentioned above and so many more. He sports a complete game: hitting, the eye on when to take pitches and when to swing, fielding — it all. And like it or not, steroids don’t help the intangible parts of the game.

However in the era of Ruth and Marris, Mays and Aaron, it was a different game — and you just can’t compare it. Same way even though we’d like to compare Tiger and Byron Nelson, or Tiger and Ben Hogan, or Tiger and Sam Snead. Sometimes history just prevents those things from happening.

So in the end it will be up to the Baseball Hall of Fame voters, whether to vote in one of the greatest baseball players in history, or a future criminal. And what the answer is to that question? No one knows.

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Tiger’s bid for perfection ended on Sunday — a perfect season that is — as the Patriots, Memphis’s bids did earlier in the year.

And there will not be a perfect season for the Boston Red Sox, who lost the 2nd game of their two-game Japan set against the Oakland Athletics this morning.

Aight, I’ll stop the Red Sox bashing for now.

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